Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Come Play With Me!

When my daughter Nicki was born back on Dec 22, 1998 my wife and I put a lot of thought into the nursery. We wanted Nicki to be comfortable and entertained. We dismantled a Peter Rabbit alphabet book and mounted the pages as a border all around the room. We all loved the images and the story that went with them. We also set up a desk for Nicki to play at… on the top I wrote this poem:
Come Play with Me. The more I Play, the more I Learn. The more I Learn, the more I'll Earn. The more I Earn, the more I'll Play. Come Play with Me.

This year Nicki will turn 13… how time flies! I can’t tell you how proud I am of her. Being challenged most of her life with an autoimmune disease (ITP) she always wears a smile. She reads a novel a week and excels at the top of her class. She is my hero and why I always want to play. (OK, one of the many reasons I always want to play : )
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