Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ICV2- Calliope Games at Gen Con

Three New Titles more

ICv2 caught up with Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, at last week’s Gen Con. He was kind enough to give us the details on Calliope’s three new titles for 2011: Got’Em, Double Double Dominoes, and Ugh.
Got’E  is an abstract multi-player strategy game in which players use walls to block their opponents’ pawns. For two to four players, ages eight and up. Suggested retail price is $28. Designed by Zach Weisman and Tyler Bielman, Got’Em is shipping now.
Double Double Dominoes is a variant on the classic dominoes game. Players score points by matching combinations of dominoes printed on the board. For two to four players, ages eight and up. The suggested retail price is $30. Designed by Jordan Weisman and Seth Johnson, Double Double Dominoes is scheduled to release in late October.
Ugh! (MSRP $10.00) is a card game about caveman life, illustrated by fan-favorite John Kovalic.  It’s a push-your-luck style game for two to six players, ages eight and up. Designed by Jim and Lori Reichert, Ugh! is scheduled to release in October.
“Calliope is all about families and trying to pull families back around the recreation room table,” Wehrs explained. “All of the games play under 60 minutes and will retail for less than 30 dollars.” He described Calliope’s philosophy as making games that parents will want to play, but are designed so children as young as eight can also participate.
Calliope Games was founded in 2009 to sell the award-winning Tsuro game. Calliope was briefly associated with Mayfair Games, but the two companies separated in March: “Mayfair Severing Ties with Calliope Games.”

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