Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An amazingly refreshing game!

By Robert M. Juneau more

This review is from: Tsuro Game of Path Strategy Board Game (Toy)
Playing this game the first time is like playing go the first time: you are overcome by a sense that there is a tremendous amount of complexity in such seemingly simple rules. The primary difference is that, unlike go, Tsuro is comprehensible. The game board is a series of tiles that always interconnect. The player has a stone that must move along its path, and its path must always grow. The path you lay now can result in another player being forced off the board later, or for two player's paths to interconnect. As more players are added, the amount of complexity and strategy in the game increases exponentially.

I played this game for the first time last night, and by this morning the people I was playing with had already tried out rules variants that utterly change the nature of play, as well as coming up with a light framework for gambling on it that we didn't try.I could be wrong, but I think this game or some variant on it will ultimately rank with chess, go, and mancala as a defining game in history.

I'm also going to rank it as light strategy - the rules are simpler and the thought process is easier learned than say chess or go.

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