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Got ‘Em! by Calliope Games ~ The Game of Masterful Maneuver and Clever Capture ~ Review

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I love board games! Since having a son, I’ve started to come more and more a homebody, opting to spend nights in during the week. Lucky for me, I have a niche of friends, and family, who love a good game night too. We are always looking for something different than our normal games of Mexican Train and Left, Center, Right. I was thrilled to learn about Calliope Games and their family-friendly selection.


Calliope Games generously sent me one of their games Got ’Em!™  Got ‘Em! is a simple strategy game that contains one game board, but each side is a different game. There is one side with colored squares, which is used for Bright Got ’Em! The side with white squares is used for Brainy Got ’Em! For this review, we played the Bright Got ‘Em! side. You can have up to four players and the game is intended for ages 8 and up. The object is to place walls around the game board trapping your opponents pawns. Last pawn standing wins! Now I love strategy games, but hate the ones that take hours on end and tons of focus to win. Got ‘Em! is so much fun. It challenges the mind, but it won’t take hours to win. Often the game would go by so fast that we were able to play round after round! Brainy Got ‘Em! is purely strategic and does not involve the cards.

To begin, each player receives 3 cards which they can view, but should keep hidden from opponents. You can choose which card of the three you would like to play. The color of the card corresponds with what box you can place your wall on. Follow the instructions on the card. Further instructions on the card will indicate how many spaces you can move your pawn, if you can move through walls, or if you can remove a wall. Your pawn cannot move through a wall unless the card indicates so. After your move, draw a new card. The game moves onto the next player!

Continue the game, with each player taking turns, until a pawn is trapped. If your pawn is trapped in a square with walls on all four sides, you are out. The game continues till all pawns are out, minus one. The player with the last pawn standing wins! In the picture below, you will see that I (Red) have already trapped Green and am getting ready to trap Blue.

We had a lot of fun playing this game! I actually won the first three games and was worried my opponents wouldn’t want to play anymore. However, they were having so much fun, we kept on going. The game can go by quick. Usually around a half hour, or slightly more. We especially loved how straight forward the game is without a bunch of complicated rules. If you are looking for a new fun game for the whole family, check out Got ‘Em!
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Quick video demonstrating how to play Bright Got ‘Em!

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