Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Calliope Games- Got'Em Giveaway

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I can remember as a kid many many Saturday evenings our family would get together and play various games. We didn’t watch a lot of TV so my parents bought lots of games for us kids to amuse ourselves.  As an adult I still love to play board games and have my own assorted collection. Winter evenings are a good time to get our family together and challenge each other with our cunning tactics, acute slick moves and overall  board games savyness! Game On!!!  Calliope carries a few games designed to involve your whole family.  I got to try out their game Got Em.

Got Em is  a delightful way to” Corner Your Friends! Trap their pawns in one of two games of escape and capture. In Bright Got ‘Em!™ you outsmart and corner your opponents through savvy card play, sly movement, and clever placement of blocking walls. In the still-casual but even-trickier Brainy Got ‘Em!™ you toss aside card actions in favor of a purely strategic challenge. Both games share the same goal, the same exciting intrigue, and the same social fun. We had a lot of fun with this game.  The board and the walls are made out of plastic so they going to last a long time and be easy to clean off if necessary.

The board has to sides, one with colored squares where you use walls and the cards to corner your opponent. The other side you just use the walls and try to use strategy to outwit and corner your opponent. You can have up to 4 players and you each get three cards.  You use these cards to strategically corner your opponent. Once you use a card you get another from the deck. Personally I really enjoyed the colored side with the cards, but both are a lot of fun. The game is recommended for 8 yrs and up.

The nice people at Calliope would love to offer the Got Em game to one lucky reader. Thank you Calliope. ARV $28

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